Affogato Chai  Recipe

Affogato Chai Recipe

16th Sep 2020

Oh, this is now my go to afternoon dessert with a little bit of a pick me up from the Chai! It's so easy to make that it hardly needs a recipe. It is definitely a delicious recipe that you need only … read more
Homemade Authentic Chai Recipe

Homemade Authentic Chai Recipe

15th Sep 2020

Chai actually means tea.  So, when you say chai tea, you are saying tea tea :) But most of the chai that people love is Masala Chai, which is basically a spiced tea.  Masala means mix of spi … read more
Golden Turmeric Energy Balls No Bake

Golden Turmeric Energy Balls No Bake

11th Sep 2020

Turmeric has amazing medicinal properties. It is anti-inflammatory and provides immunity support. And I should know as daily intake of turmeric with black pepper has literally eliminated my arthriti … read more
Boost your immunity

Boost your immunity

30th Jul 2020

There is one key thing you can do to boost your immunity. It is very simple but very difficult for many to implement.  With today's fast paced and high tech world, we are always on the go, with n … read more

Iced Chai Latte Recipe

21st Jul 2020

Authentic way to brew Iced Chai using Bhoomi Chai Blends! Use one of our authentic chai blends to brew: … read more