Boost your immunity

Boost your immunity

30th Jul 2020


There is one key thing you can do to boost your immunity. It is very simple but very difficult for many to implement.  With today's fast paced and high tech world, we are always on the go, with not enough time to sit still.  As I read more and more on Ayurveda, an ancient holistic medicine with origins in India, I have learned that many preventive things you can do for good health and immunity are really just simple things. One essential to help keep your immune system resilient is simply – rest. I know, not that revolutionary, a simple task that is hard to achieve for many including myself. If you are working late, staying up late or even sleeping during the day, all of of these things can affect your digestion which in turn affects your immune system.  Sleep allows our body to rest, heal and let go of stress.  If you are not getting enough sleep, stress just builds up and affects your overall health, immunity and wellness. 

Some Tips to Help you get Good Rest

  • Your circadian system is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.  If you take a walk at sunrise or sunset, it supports your circadian rhythm.  So, as daylight changes, it provides a normal appropriate sleep response. 
  • Finish your work a few hours before sleep.  Try to do relaxing things those few hours before sleep like reading instead of tech. Relaxing activities allow your mind to wind down for the evening.
  • Try to eat your dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.  If you tend to eat or snack late, your meal still needs to be digested and telling your body to be active.  An active body has difficulty falling asleep as it is actively trying to digest your meal.

  • Other Factors that Act Negatively on our Immunity

    1. Imbalanced diet such as excessive intake of processed and sugary foods, additives and artificial flavorings are known to weaken the immune system.
    2. If you drink too much alcohol. this can also affect your immunity.  Physicians are already aware of the impact of alcohol on resistance and recovery from illness. Researches have also shown that regular alcohol intake can weaken immune systems effectiveness against common pathogens
    3. Irregular sleep – Constantly varying sleep patterns, lack of sleep or interrupted sleep.
    4. High stress – increases the cortisol level in blood reducing the focus on immune system nourishment.
    5. Obesity – Excess weight gain can itself be an indicator of an imbalance in metabolism and hormonal functions.
    6. Lack of exercise and its negative effect of immunity is also well researched.
    7. Chronic medications – Long term use of antibiotics and certain other medications are also proven to be detrimental for immunity
    8. Dehydration – Various studies have shown that not having enough liquid intake can reduce our effectiveness of the body’s resistance mechanism

    For any changes to your life and diet, always consult a physician first.

    For Added Support, try our Turmeric blends

    Why Turmeric.  Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties.  It is only recently that the west has realized its tremendous benefits.  Turmeric provides immunity support and is also anti-inflammatory.  When your body has too much inflammation, that is when diseases start developing.  Black pepper helps with absorption of turmeric in your body and is a key ingredient in all of our turmeric blends. 

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