Why Instant Tea (Chai) is bad for you

Why Instant Tea (Chai) is bad for you

19th Nov 2020

Bhoomi Chai Quick Brew vs. Instant Chai Powders

There are many brands out there that sell instant chai powders. These instant chai powders contain instant black tea.

How Is Instant Powdered Tea Made?

To make instant tea, liquid is extracted from fresh tea leaves. The liquid is then freeze dried to make the instant tea powders. This instant tea powder is highly processed and destroys most of the antioxidants that makes tea such a healthy drink. According to USDA, powdered iced teas and many instant teas lose anywhere from 90% to 100% of antioxidants. So, the benefit is lost when the antioxidants are removed, which I am sure you do not want!

Instant Chai Powder Isn’t Just Tea

First, tea powder is reduced to just a flavor with destruction of healthy antioxidants. In addition to the lack of antioxidants, many of these powders contain lots of sugar, preservatives to keep it fresh, caking agents and other additives. We certainly do not want this in our daily cuppa.

The Bottom Line

If you are going to drink chai, use real tea leaves and spices to brew the traditional way on the stove. And, we get that sometimes we need a faster way to brew, so why not try our Quick Brew method, which still uses real tea leaves & whole spices with no additives for a quick, robust brew with all the health benefits of a traditional brew.