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Chai Starter Gift Box

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Our Chai Starter Kit is the perfect gift for the chai lover or newbie chai fan in your life. Our starter gift box is packaged with beautiful green tissue paper and kraft crinkle paper to really add the perfect touch.  Each kit contains a detailed brewing card with instructions to make hot chai, iced chai, cold brew chai or large batch chai for a social gathering. Make sure to add a personalized note.

The Chai Starter Kit includes:

One (1) Chai Blend

One (1) Stainless Steel Chai Strainer

Detailed Brewing Card

At checkout, in the order comments box, please type One (1) chai blend you want us to include. You can choose from the following:

10 Spice Masala Chai, 4 OZ (Traditional blend with sweet & spicy notes)

8 Spice Pink Peppercorn Chai, 4 OZ (Fruity chai with notes of citrus)

9 Spice Chocolate Chai, 5 OZ

6 Spice Turmeric Chai, 5 OZ

6 Spice Turmeric Chai, Caffeine Free, 5 OZ

9 Spice Chai Love, Caffeine Free, 4 OZ

8 Spice Mint Chocolate Chai, 5 OZ

8 Spice Minty Masala Chai, 4 OZ

9 Spice Zesty Citrus Chai, 4 OZ