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Me & My Family

My name is Asha and I am the founder of Bhoomi Chai Co.  I hope to update that picture of me above so it also includes my son and husband. Till then, this pic will have to do.  But, my family is my inspiration and I continue to grow this business because of their support and enthusiasm.  I really do hope you enjoy our chai as much as we do! Here is a brief history on this brand and why I started Bhoomi Chai Co.

How it all started!

I started Bhoomi Chai Co in July 2018.  I launched with just 1 Chai blend at the Wilmette Farmers Market in the north shore of Chicago.  I was blown away from the response I got at my very first farmers market. People were excited to learn how chai is brewed and not only were they excited but they took a chance to brew it at home and kept coming back! With the popularity of chai growing in this country, I was a little disappointed to see that it was being sold as a pre-made concentrate or a tea bag with flavorings or an instant mix with fillers and additives.  Chai like your coffee always tastes best when fresh brewed.  If you can boil pasta, you can most definitely brew fresh authentic chai on the stove. Once you try it, you will never go back. It becomes a part of your daily ritual, a ritual that you look forward to because you soon realize it is fresh and robust in flavor minus all the additives and fillers.

What do we mean by NO NASTIES!

You may have seen this phrase on our chai packaging. So, what exactly do we mean by NO NASTIES! Just like your coffee, chai tastes best when brewed fresh with only tea and whole spices. But, that is not how it is being sold in the market today.

You would be very surprised if you take a closer look at the labels of current chai products, whether they are the instant chai mixes or chai tea bags or even the pre-made chai in a box. You wouldn’t dare drink coffee or wine from a box, and chai should be no different.

Many of these chai products have flavors (no actual spices), maltodextrin, whey powder, milk powder, loads of sugar, fillers and anti-caking agents! We certainly don’t want all these nasties in our daily cup of chai!

Our chai blends contain absolutely NO NASTIES, we use only organic black or rooibos tea and blend it with whole real spices. Then, we teach you how to brew fresh authentic chai. It is as simple as boiling pasta.

Our Chai has:

No Flavors (only real spices)

No Fillers

No Maltodextin

No Caking Agents

No Sugars


We hope you enjoy our chai as much as we do!

Growth & Gratitude

Since launching in 2018, the brand has grown from 1 chai blend to 8 chai blends. I have also added superfood blends to the product line. What excites me the most is the customer response and how much you all love brewing fresh authentic chai. You can really see and taste the difference and your love for it is what keeps me going! To learn more about chai and its benefits, check out that link on the menu bar!

Stay spicy and enjoy!


Founder, Bhoomi Chai Co