Turmeric Lovers Gift Box

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Our Chai Gift Boxes are beautifully boxed and packaged with your favorite authentic chai blends and tools to brew the perfect chai! They come boxed with beautiful green tissue paper and kraft crinkle paper to really add the perfect touch to your gift box.  Each kit contains a detailed brewing card with instructions to make hot chai, iced chai, cold brew chai or large batch chai for a social gathering. Make sure to add a personalized gift message.

The Turmeric Lovers Gift Box contains:

6 Spice Turmeric Chai, 5 OZ

6 Spice Turmeric Chai, Caffeine Free, 5 OZ

5 Spice Golden Turmeric Latte, 2 OZ

One (1) Stainless Steel Chai Strainer

Detailed Brewing Card

This gift box includes both a caffeinated and caffeine free Turmeric Chai.  The caffeinated Turmeric Chai has organic black tea as the base, while the caffeine free Turmeric Chai has organic rooibos tea as the base, which is naturally caffeine free and full of anti-oxidants.  Use the 5 Spice Golden Turmeric Latte to make a golden milk, smoothies and to cook with.